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Copper cookware - a fascinating story

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Copper’s use in cooking probably began in the Neolithic period, when copper began replacing stone tools and cookware. Ancient Egyptians used copper to mold into vessels for water and oil storage. Copper’s antibacterial properties were well known in the ancient world.

Hammered copper became to reach a glorious status in Europe during the Renaissance, and ever since it first appeared in those sumptuous courts, it has been the ‘queen of pans’, perceived in the collective imagination of western civilization as an exclusive object, an instrument packed with historical significance and the best of the best for cooking.

Amoretti Brothers pans are exclusively designed following this noble tradition, hammered using sheets of copper 2 mm thick, which is re-forged and hand-beaten to the desired shape. The handcrafted and individually polished handles are made of bronze. They are secured to each pan using strong rivets ensuring years of functionality.

The interior base and sides of each pan are carefully lined, entirely by hand, using a double layer of pure virgin tin.

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