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Mexico City-New Flagship Store / Showroom- Open May 4th '17

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We are excited to open our first retail store/showroom in the heart of Condesa, Mexico City this next May 4th 2017!

Stay tune with more news!


Benefits of Copper Cookware

Quality over quantity in all arenas of our lives rings true again when it comes to cooking delicious food consistently in our kitchens. If you are someone who loves to cook and continually wants to improve your experience as well as the experience of those who enjoy your food, consider adding or increasing the copper cookware [...]

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We proudly make the finest copper cookware

All our pans are handcrafted.Italian design & the 500-years-experience of the best Mexican coppersmiths are behind the excellence and quality of our copper pans. We are an Italian company based in Mexico, deep within the heart of Mexico, in the magic town of Tlalpujahua. A few miles from the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere, and in the [...]

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Copper cookware - a fascinating story

Copper’s use in cooking probably began in the Neolithic period, when copper began replacing stone tools and cookware. Ancient Egyptians used copper to mold into vessels for water and oil storage. Copper’s antibacterial properties were well known in the ancient world.Hammered copper became to reach a glorious status in Europe during the Renaissance, and ever [...]

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