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Why Copper Cookware



Copper is probably the best material for your cookware. Copper is beautiful and provides fantastic performances for the most delicious preparations in your kitchen.

If you are someone who loves to cook and continually wants to improve your experience as well as the experience of those who enjoy your food, you must have copper cookware in your kitchen.

Amoretti Brothers manufacture handmade copper cookware by hammer, to give the most exclusive gourmet tool for your cooking preparations.

Let us share with you the main benefits of welcoming copper into your kitchen.


1. Food cooks evenly

Copper is a great conductor of heat; therefore, the thermal energy that is cultivated can be quickly and easily distributed to all areas of the pan ensuring that your fish or whatever you may book cooking will do so no matter where it rests in the pan.

2. Faster cooking time

Copper heats up quickly, allowing you to do what you need to do without the wait. According to Kitchen Sanity, it conducts heat “about four times as well — it boasts a thermal conductivity of 400 watts per meter kelvin difference versus iron’s 80.” In no time, the meat was perfectly cooked, and it slipped right out of the pan when I served it without sticking.

3. Less likely food will stick to the pan

Again, due to being a great conductor of heat, hot spots are reduced eliminating the likelihood of temperature fluctuations on different spots of the pan.

4. Energy efficient

Due to its ability to distribute heat evenly, and its ability to heat up quickly, you are using less heat (because you’re not waiting for it to heat up), and the heat is used effectively ensuring you aren’t overcooking.

5. More success in the kitchen

When you begin cooking with copper, keeping in mind that the pan will heat up quickly, you will also notice more success. With more control over your cooking, fewer items will burn because of the elimination of hot spots and because your food cooks more evenly, you can trust that it is cooked as it should be throughout the entire item.

6. Versatility

Whether cooking on gas or electric, on top of the oven or placing the skillet in the oven to finish cooking, copper works beautifully.

7. A money-saving investment in the long term

Quality copper cookware, when properly cared for (we’ll talk about how to do this below), can last for generations.  Yes, initially, quality copper is expensive, but so long as you know what you want, you will have a well-stocked and delicious food being curated in your kitchen for decades and not have to restock it every couple of years.


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